In case you feel the burning desire to get in touch, here are the various ways you can contact me for the moment.

Normally I would expect direct email to is the simplest for those who have gotten this far, but in case it isn't or there is more urgency in your communications, you could try some of the more direct alternatives below.

<------- Preferred email address

There are various other, mostly older and now often defunct addresses around for me and frankly I discourage the use of most of them now. There are also a few variations on the theme of addresses here at metva too like and those of you who who know me also know them. They are mostly easier to type and remember for humans. For address book purposes, use the preferred form above please.

I can be contacted by phone on the following numbers:

Inside Australia Outside Australia
(03) 9583 5474 after hours +61 3 9583 5474
040 999 2981 mobile & voicemail

+61 40 999 2981
+61 40 999 2981

Conventional paper mail can be sent to:

      Enno Davids
      P.O. Box 2669
      Cheltenham, VIC 3192